Baddeo's face

Who is Baddeo?

Matteo Menapace (aka @baddeo) is an experienced interaction designer and developer, whose skills <span> from user experience design to web development.
He has built playful apps and e-learning tools for clients such as the BBC and the Science Museum in London.

Matteo graduated with a BA in Communication Design from the Politecnico di Milano and then completed an MA with distinction in Communication Design (Digital Media) from Central Saint Martins in London.

Matteo as a lawyer's apprentice

Prior to university, his family groomed him for a career in law and Matteo was articled to a solicitor in 1821. Although no attendance records for the period survive, his biographer once declared that all the teachers I spoke to when researching this said he was a complete pain in the backside.
His actual birthdate remains unknown.

What does Baddeo mean?

Baddeo is Matteo with the sniffles: while prisoner of a nasty cold, incapable of pronouncing his name correctly due to copious ooze and compulsive sneezing, Matteo started to utter something like bad - deh - o, which was later adopted as his official nickname.

What does Baddeo do?

Matteo designs websites and teaches people how to do it.*

* So that one day he'll be unemployed.

* So that they'll stop asking him about that code stuff yeah.

* Because he believes that it's better to teach someone how to fish than giving her a fish.
  Besides, he claims to be a vegetarian.

He likes to say that he designs interactions and his medium is behaviours. Not pixels or bytes. The fool.

OK, but what does Baddeo really do?

Professionally, Matteo brews coffee from Monday to Thursday at Milo. There he also designs and develops interactive educational apps and websites that engage and educate people of all ages in subjects like citizenship, languages and science. See some.

Matteo dissects an HTML page

Matteo also bugs design students around the country in the hope to teach how websites can be designed and developed, from user stories and paper prototypes to semantic markup and stylesheets.

So far he lead workshops at UCA Farnham, Portsmouth University, Ravensbourne, and the Hogwarts School.

Baddeo organizes verbose workshops in collaboration with Mozilla where participants hack the rules of existing videogames in response to topical issues, and prototype new games that are vessels of alternative values and messages.

In other words, people can inject financial issues into Super Mario Bros, digital literacy into Bomberman, energy efficiency into Pac-man, and so on.

He then shares these methods online, pretending they are cooking recipes.